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Dance is the bridge to meditation, dance is the bridge to painting, dance is the bridge to psychology. Because dance means your body is saying yes to life. Without this energy of saying yes to life, you can’t really look at your issues with dignity, with love, with relaxation.
— Meera

Meera (Kazue Hashimoto) was born in Ishikawa, Japan in 1947. She studied at the  Musashino Art University, Tokyo from 1966- 1969 and from 1970 travelled all over Europe, visiting all the famous art museums. She settled in Toledo, Spain where she studied and painted for 7 years. She studied drawing at the Circule de Bellas Artes, Madrid, and Escuela de Arte, Toledo, where she became a co-founder of the Groupo Tolmo and the Galeria Tolmo.

In 1974, she became a disciple of the Indian Mystic Osho and was invited by Osho to start art groups. Together with Geetesh Gibson she established the Osho Art School and began leading art workshops all over the world. She developed new methods of creative expression and started her communities in Amsterdam, Sicily and California. Osho personally choose many of Meera’s paintings to illustrate more than 40 of his books.

Meera included many modern techniques of therapy in her work like Energy Work, Family Constellation, Dance Therapy and developed her own unique form of art therapy, which is documented in many videos and DVDs. She published one book about her work and one art book with many of her paintings. Her latest book will be published soon.

Her Painting and Osho Art Therapist Training was held every year at Osho International in Pune, India, at Osho Miasto, Italy and in Amalurra,  Spain.

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As I see it, if you give your love fully in what you do, you can include others as part of it and you can grow together
— Meera: ReAwakeing of Art

With the founding of the Meera Art Foundation in honor of the artist Meera Hashimoto, her husband, Ralf Liebermeister, would like to express his and the gratitude and appreciation of many people for Meera - who Meera was in her life and what she gave to everyone. Combining meditation, painting, dance and therapy Meera Hashimoto inspired people in her painting workshops and trainings all over the world to express themselves and their creativity – she developed an unique appraoch to help people overcome blocks in self expression called ’Primal Painting’, she taught self portraits to allow people to discover their hidden faces and in nature painting she inspired people not to just copy the nature, but to become part of nature itself.

At the same time, Meera herself created countless paintings in all formats, mainly with watercolor, acrylic and ink. She loved to "disappear" in her paintings, together with nature.

Meera's work shall be preserved for the general public in the form of a collection of selected paintings and made accessible to the public in exhibitions. 

Art as a bridge to life – the vision of Meera: 

Meera sees in every human being an artist, an artist in the ability to create oneself and one's own inner world and express oneself through art. At the same time, she encouraged participants to be playful like a child playing for the first time with paper, paints and painting utensils. It was particularly important for her to support painting as a creative process of self-development with meditation, dancing and Gestalt-therapeutic methods, or to paint within a group process. Paintings become a reflection of one's own life situation and connection to oneself and others.

In this sense, the Meera Art Foundation will inspire people with Meera's art and to awaken in them the desire to express their own creativity freely.


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When you’re relaxed, when you’re spontaneous, whatever is created is always beautiful, always perfect. Why? Because the present moment has its own sense of perfection.
— Meera

Meera published a beautifully designed boxed book dedicated to Osho, Blossoming, featuring her paintings and haikus by Satyam, a Japanese poet and sannyasin, with texts in Japanese and English as well as ReAwakening of Art about her art therapy work.


Apart from Creativity and Art therapy workshops, which she facilitated in Japan, Europe and South America, she also led trainings called Osho Art Therapist Training, in Pune as well as in Europe. Meera also contributed to the book Osho Therapy, a compilation of essays by Osho Therapists edited by Svagito.


She was also an accomplished DJ, as music was ‘part of the course’; dancing was a means to help the body (and mind) to become more fluid so that the colours could flow more easily. Forever-young and with an incredible vital energy she would often get up and dance herself or dance during art performances.


One might have booked a painting course with Meera with the intention of playing with colours and learning how to paint, but that was not all you would get for your money! Aviva’s review of Meera’s workshop at the Tao Centre in Greece describes it beautifully:


This workshop works on two different dimensions. It opens up one’s painting creativity, since Meera brings a totally different and unconventional approach to art and to being creative. The second dimension is that of examining and looking at the emotional elements in our lives. The workshop will provoke both a creative as well as an inner change of awareness.


Meera has played an immensely important role in opening the creative eyes in the lives of many seekers of love and truth. She was an inspiration for so many!



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Meera was a very unique individual, a painter and artist since early childhood on one hand and an art therapist on the other, who could help people to find themselves and their own authentic creative expression in life. She had an immense love for beauty and for people and not only did she create thousands of paintings in various styles in her long career, she also created and was part of many art communities since 1976 and was conduction painting courses and art therapy trainings all over the world.

After coming to the enlightened Master Osho in 1976, her way of painting changed drastically and many of Osho’s books are illustrated with her art work.

As Svagito puts it: “ I feel Meera put into practise Osho’s message of living one’s life joyfully, totally and passionately. In my view she translated Osho’s message of joy, silence and love into visual art, which is why her paintings are so alive, multidimensional and give you a taste of no mind. They need to be preserved for the future humanity.”

Meera left with us so many gifts and her paintings are an expression of her joy and love for Osho and meditation. She would be most satisfied if they could bring a glimpse of happiness and silence into the hearts of those who look at them. This and the discoveries she made while working with people, is her legacy and all those who are part of and support this foundation are trying to keep this vision alive.


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Meera’s Blossoming

A beautiful 'coffee-table' book of Meera's Paintings and the poetry that inspired her heart and art.

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